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Kindergym Gymnastics

    Our Kindergym program offers a variety of structured & drop in classes for ages 6 months - 4 years. All classes are lead by a NCCP certified gymnastics instructor. 



 Registration for our SUMMER 2024 Session will open May 17th at 12:00PM (Noon)! 


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Kindergym Open Gym


Our Open Gym is for ages 5 and under! A parent or guardian must attend the drop in with your child. Open Gyms are 1 hour in length where you can let your little one explore, play, and learn gymnastics! Please keep in mind this is an open gym therefore there will be no formal instruction. NCCP certified coaches will be there to supervise.

Spring 2024 Dates Spring 2024 Time

April 19th & 26th

May 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st

June 7th, 14th, 21st

11:15AM - 12:15PM


  • Must register online before 9:00 am on the day of the open gym to attend. Registration will open through our website 5 days before the event date.
  •  Only 20 spots available - first come first serve. 
  • 50% discount for participants registered in classes for the same season
  • A $40 Gymnastics Ontario Insurance fee will apply on your first visit if you have not already purchased a membership for the season
  • Open gym times are subject to change at the discretion of the Program Manager


Age: 6 - 10 months
Parent/Caregiver participation: Required

OGC is not currently offering Gymbabies.

This class is an interactive program for Parents/Caregivers and babies. The program is designed to encourage balance, flexibility and strength through movement, motion and exploration, using modified equipment. By increasing these important aspects of development they improve their own kinesthetic  awareness. A great activity for parent and baby! If your baby will be 10 months by the start of the session, you have a choice of either GymBabies or Babynastics. As babies develop at their own rate, choose the one best suited for your child. Whether or not your baby is crawling, there are activities to challenge and motivate. We suggest Babynastics if they are 10 months and walking.


Age: 8 - 12 months
Parent/Caregiver participation: Required

This developmental program introduces babies 10-15 months old, to a variety of basic movement patterns using modified equipment under the careful direction and assistance of a certified coach. Parent/Caregiver and child are guided through gentle exercises using dowels, parachutes, bolsters and songs. Through the session they will be introduced to the concepts of rolling, swinging, bouncing and balancing using specially designed kindergym equipment for this age group. By then end of the session, parents will see their little ones doing front rolls down inclines, crawling through tunnels, swinging on mini-rings, bars and ropes. They will also be gently bounced on our trampolines!

Tall & Small

Age: 12 months - 3 years
Class Duration:
 60 minutes
Parent/Caregiver participation: Required

The program is structured for safety and is designed to develop gross motor skills in a safe and fun environment. Circuits and modified apparatus teach children front rolls, swinging, jumping, climbing and walking on balance beams to begin the process of body awareness in physical development. Children will be sliding down inclines, somersaulting, jumping on in-ground trampolines, swinging on rings, bars and ropes.

The Tall & Small 2 program is for children 24 months-3 years and is at a slightly faster pace than the Tall & Small 1 class to match the fast paced world of a 2 year old! Our Tall & Small 3 class focuses on gaining independence in the gym to transition to an independent class.

Independent 2

Class Duration: 60 minutes
Parent/Caregiver participation: None

OGC is not currently offering Independent 2yr old classes.

The 2 year old class continues to build on the foundation established in Tall & Small. Children must have participated in at least one Tall & Small 2 session. The Coach will assist the 2 year old's through many basics using the modified equipment, music and circuits. We keep our coach to Athlete ratio small for our 2 year old class so that each child is given plenty of attention and hands on help. If you're not sure if your child is ready for a 2 year old class, please don't hesitate to ask your Tall & Small coach!

Independent 3

Class Duration: 60 minutes
Parent/Caregiver participation: None

The 3 year old class is a 1 hour class where children start to improve their level of basics through the use of circuits and stations. Overall co-ordination is developed in this class using landings off blocks, inverted skills on rings and bars, somersaults on the balance beam and various jumping elements on trampoline. We try to expose our little ones to each piece of both boys and girls apparatus to help develop self awareness, coordination and self esteem. At least one session in a Tall & Small class is required prior to joining Independent 3.



Independent 4

Class Duration: 60 minutes
Parent/Caregiver participation: None

Focus for this class is on Fun and developing the skills necessary to move forward into the Recreation Program (5+ years). Fundamentals in the sport continue to develop strength, balance and self-confidence. These children begin learning bridges, cartwheel progression and continue to develop basic elements on all apparatus.



Parkour Toddlers

Class Duration: 60 minutes
Parent/Caregiver participation: None

OGC is not currently offering Parkour Toddlers.

This class is for that kid that has a little extra bounce in their step and is ready to participate in a class without a Parent!; Apparatus' used include: Floor, Trampoline, Fast Track, Vault, Beam, and Bars. Athletes will learn to jump and land effectively, learning basic parkour moves on all apparatus. Think: The Floor is LAVA everywhere! Using routine to build on structure, we are stoked to teach your little one to jump and land safely while making spatially smart decisions.

Totally Trampoline

Class Duration: 45 minutes
Parent/Caregiver participation: N

OGC is not currently offering Totally Trampoline.

If you have a "jumping bean", this class is for you! Children will be guided through trampoline basics and will be given the opportunity for more trampoline skill development. Children will use the Trampoline, mini-trampoline, mini-tumble track and other activities to help them progress further on this apparatus. This class is a great add on to our 4 year old class.